Welcome to Temple University's Dental eCampus, which provides you with access to courses, webinars, certificates, and ePorftolios. For details, select one of the areas below.

Post-doctoral Certificates

Online Continuing Education

Temple offers a growing list of online lectures, directed reading, case-presentations and online learning assessments to assist dental professionals in advancing their knowledge in the field. Many courses can be taken to earn continuing dental education credits recognized by the American Dental Association.

Continuing Education

Live Webinars

Our live webinars give you access to leading speakers from around the world so that you can directly ask them questions about technologies or treatments. If you miss one, don’t worry, we record them as well so you can watch later as well. If you would like to speak at one of our webinars, please email us.



To better support dental students and faculty around the world, Temple will soon provide ePortfolios. These will also be available to be licensed by other schools to improve monitoring of student achievements, guide reflective thinking, and to record assessments. The Dental eCampus will provide other schools with an opportunity to create their own ePortfolios at a relatively low cost.

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